In A Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day {Review}

Title: In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day
Author: Mark Batterson
ISBN: 978-1590527153
Publisher: Multnoma Books
Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Published: October 16, 2006
Length: 192 Pages
Price: $10.07

From the Publisher

Your greatest regret at the end of your life will be the lions you didn’t chase. You will look back longingly on risks not taken, opportunities not seized, and dreams not pursued. Stop running away from what scares you most and start chasing the God-ordained opportunities that cross your path. In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day is inspired by one of the most obscure yet courageous acts recorded in Scripture, a blessed and audacious act that left no regrets: “Benaiah chased a lion down into a pit. Then, despite the snow and slippery ground, he caught the lion and killed it” (2 Samuel 23:20 -21). Unleash the lion chaser within!
What if the life you really want, and the future God wants for you, is hiding right now in your biggest problem, your worst failure… your greatest fear?

My Review

My pastor actually suggested I read In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day. Based around the fearlessness that Benaiah showed while chasing that lion into that particular pit on that particular snowy day, Benaiah faced his fears and conquered the challenge of a lifetime. Benaiah is now my Hero. He trusted in God that he would come to no harm while chasing and fighting that lion and he just did it. Personally, I might have run. No, I definitely would have run. But that’s the point of this book. You will always wonder “what if I had” if you don’t chase after you own metaphorical lions and at least attempt to conquer that fear.

Benaiah is one of those little-known biblical characters that most people miss. He is only mentioned in those few verses in 2 Samuel and then he quickly fades back into biblical history. But, in those few verses, we are taught such an amazing story. Benaiah shows us that we need to be fearless in our faith to really achieve that relationship with God that so many of us long for. Batterson forced me to ask myself, “What am I afraid of?” Once I was able to identify that fear, I was able to start working on overcoming that fear and strengthening my relationship with God.

If you are looking to strengthen your relationship with God or just to figure out where your relationship with God really stands, this book is for you. Mark Batterson will share his personal lion chasing stories with you and really challenge you to chase your own personal lions. I know it helped me.

What lions need chasing in your life?


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